Friday, 21 October 2011

Optimize Toolbox update speaks chinese, english version still available

Optimize Toolbox is an all-in-one (to be precise: 15-in-one and counting) toolkit for your Android phone.


Most of its features duplicate functions built into the standard Android settings screens, but Optimize Toolbox does a few things that make it worth downloading.

Optimize Toolbox comes with an excellent yet simple to use startup manager to control what can launch at boot and what should not. It times your startup too, so you can see how many seconds you can shave off by stopping unnecessary autostarts. It also has a tool to callibrate your battery, and it comes with an app manager that can send apps to your SD card. The running apps and processes tabs do a better job than the built-in apps settings menus of your phone, and they are faster too. Another useful feature is its screen test to hunt down dead pixels on your display.

The China Syndrome

You'll find some bits of chinese in the user interface, because the translators of the app missed a few things. It doesn't interfere with using the app.

But that changed with the update to version 2.1.0. The developers posted the update on the Android Market in chinese only. The predictable result was a lot of pissed off users who couldn't find their way around the program anymore, and those without a backup were stuck. Take-home message: never update an app without making a backup of the old version first!

For those who're locked out without a backup there's a link to the old english version below.

Update: the latest edition speaks english again.

Many features of Optimize Toolbox require root access. You may want to use DroidWall or LBE Privacy Guard to keep Optimize Toolbox offline.

Optimize Toolbox (Android Market) Chinese only last time I checked!
Optimize Toolbox version 2.0.9 (android underground) This one speaks english.
Optimize Toolbox Lite version (Android Market) In english last time I checked, but check the market comments to make sure it didn't turn chinese.

Update: the latest edition speaks english again.

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