Friday, 7 October 2011

Default App Manager adds new view

One of the advantages of Android over iPhone is that you can choose your own default apps to open your mail, SMSs, pictures, songs, movies, web sites, etcetera. Dolphin instead of the stock web browser, K-9 Mail instead of the built-in mail app, WinAmp instead of the vanilla music player, anything goes.

Too bad that editing your default app settings requires a trip to the slow loading app settings screen.

Enter Default App Manager. It takes you straight to the relevant app settings screen to set or clear your defaults. Editing defaults straight within the app would be better, maybe that will come in a future update?

The latest edition of Default App Manager adds an "all defaults" view in addition to its old category sorting. It won't let you set apps by file extension, but that's because Android won't support that.

The choice between the two views adds an extra tap to change your defaults, but since this is an app you won't use very often the extra tap is not a problem. Default App Manager beats launching Androids own apps screen and swiping through its endless list of apps.

Default App Manager asks for internet permissions. It doesn't need them to do its job, so if you want you can keep it offline with apps like DroidWall or LBE Privacy Guard.

If you update the app from an old version it may refuse to launch. Uninstalling and reinstalling fixed it for me.

Default App Manager (Android Market)

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