Tuesday, 18 October 2011

GO SMS Pro adds clipart

The built-in Android SMS app does what it's supposed to do, but it doesn't do anything more than that. That's why there are a bunch of SMS app replacements floating around.

SMS and MMS app GO SMS Pro (never mind the "Pro" suffix, it's free anyway) can back up and restore your messages, comes with an (almost) full screen edit window, and you can add drawings and handwritten text to your messages. Of course it can send and receive plain old SMSs too.

If you don't draw like Picasso then GO SMS lets you cheat a bit. The latest edition comes with clipart to paste into your messages. It only has five images to start with, but you can download a few dozen more.

Too bad the drawing options are not available in the big editor window, but you can tap into them from the default small edit box. The big editor is in need of an overhaul, which the GO team may work on later on.

GO SMS Pro asks for internet permission, which may be a little scary considering that GO SMS can read all your messages and contacts data. GO doesn't really need internet access, except for downloading more clipart. So if you don't want GO SMS going online you can block it with apps like LBE Privacy Guard or DroidWall. Just make sure to give it temporary internet access if you want to grab some extra clipart.

GO SMS Pro (Android Market)
GO SMS at goforandroid.com

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