Sunday, 23 October 2011

WiFi Probe finds open networks that really work

There are plenty of open WiFi networks around, but not all of them are really open. Many networks that are not locked down with WPA or WEP redirect your web browser to a login page or pay screen. They look open to your phone, but they're not.

WiFi Probe takes WiFi scanning a step further. It looks for open networks, and then checks if if they are really open, i.e. free to use without having to log in.

WiFi Probe is very simple, very fast, and very useful in cities where the real open networks are buried in a sky full of unencrypted networks that won't let you go online.

There's one problem with WiFi Probe: it doesn't remember. That's why it is a good idea to use WiFi Probe together with Wi-Fi Ruler, an app that remembers the networks it encounters and lets you choose whether to connect to them in the future or avoid them like the plague.

The ultimate WiFi app would combine the functions of WiFi Probe and Wi-Fi Ruler. Until then, use both of 'em.

WiFi Probe (Android Market)
Wi-Fi Ruler

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