Sunday, 2 October 2011

Smart Browser Chooser launches the right browser for your connection speed

There are plenty of web browsers for Android, and you probably have more than one on your phone.

I usually use Dolphin HD for my mobile surfing, but when I'm on a slow (and/or expensive) mobile data connection I use Opera Mini.

Enter Smart Browser Chooser. This app is not a web browser, but it's meant to be your default web browser anyway. With Smart Browser Chooser set as default, any links you tap will launch in the right browser for your connection.

You can set one browser to launch when you're on WiFi, another browser when you're on 3G, and if you're stuck on a 2G connection (do they still exist?) you can set the lightest browser available (Opera Mini).

Smart Browser Chooser is available from different Android app stores.
Update: now it's on the Android Market too.

Smart Browser Chooser (AppBrain)
Smart Browser Chooser (AndroLib)
Smart Browser Chooser (Android Market)

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