Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Optimize Toolbox speaks english again

All-in-one (to be precise: 15-in-one and counting) Android toolkit Optimize Toolbox didn't make new friends when an update made the app speak chinese and nothing else.

But the latest update made the app speaks english again!

Why that matters? Because some of its 15 features are quite useful. A startup timer, a pretty good app manager, and a running apps and processes tab that beats the stock app settings menu in terms of speed and usability.

The dead pixel detector is a nice touch too, but its well hidden in the new edition. You have to grab a helper app called DeviceMark to get the dead pixel finder screens back. Or you could simply toggle the background colors of any drawing app to do the same thing.

The user interface of Optimize Toolbox looks a bit slicker too. No more need to stick with the old version.

Many features of Optimize Toolbox require root access. You may want to use DroidWall or LBE Privacy Guard to keep Optimize Toolbox offline.

Optimize Toolbox Lite version (Android Market) (Play Store) English again, but check the store feedback to see if they didn't go all chinese again.
Optimize Toolbox version 2.0.9 (android underground) This old version speaks english for sure.

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