Tuesday, 27 December 2011

K-9 Mail cleaned up in the background

K-9 Mail is the best free email client for Android. It has a million ways to tweak, customise, alter, change, modify... It does POP3, IMAP, MS Exchange, push email, and it gives you full control over which mail folders to sync and which folders to leave alone.

The canine has been updated twice in December to kill a bunch of fleas bugs. One of the changes sits in the background. The old K-9 used to leave its background service on the street whenever you took it for a walk, but after a bit of training it now cleans up after itself. So if you prefer to check your mail manually instead of having it automatically shoved in your face your phones RAM gets a bunch of extra megabytes to play with.

Now if they would only clean up that ugly dogface of an app icon..

K-9 Mail (Android Market)
K-9 Mail (Google Code)

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