Wednesday, 25 April 2012

What do you look at, what do you look like?

Just stumbled upon a Blogspot screen full of stats. What are you looking at? This:

SetVsel: overclock and undervolt your Motorola Defy
Is the Motorola Defy really that popular? Well, speeding things up always helps.

Bloat Freezer abuses Airpush ads to blackmail you
Nobody likes to get scammed. It looks like the fraud called Trey Holland has many enemies. He deserves all of them.

DroidWall has leaky boots
It's not DroidWalls fault that Google made Android leaky by design. Still, a firewall that lets things slip on boot asks for a fix. Google, wake up!

Google apps on GetJar
This one came as a surprise. On second thought, I guess there must be millions of devices out there that don't run the Android Market Google Play Store.

Ad blocker shootout: AdAway vs. AdFree
Nobody likes ads. Psychologists discovered that advertising really stresses us out, and that blocking ads improves your health. If you don't see ads on this page it means your ad blocker is doing its job ;)

Make your battery last longer without dumbing down your smartphone
Your 22nd century smartphone is powered by a 19th century battery.

The "read phone state and identity" permission should be split
Does Google care about your privacy? Of course not!

ES File Explorer now has Dropbox and unpacks RAR files
I'm not alone in thinking this is Androids best file manager to date.

VoIP app Viber adds off switch, but still thinks you're too stupid to control autostart
Launching at boot without an off switch? That may work on an iPhone, but the Android crowd doesn't need to be taken by the hand.

Alternative Grooveshark app shootout: Dood's Music Streamer versus TinyShark
Free music always goes down well.

Other trivia: you're probably american, german, or english. India, France, and The Netherlands are represented pretty well too. Your surfboard is called Firefox or Chrome, you avoid Internet Explorer like the plague, and only 1% of you uses Iron. Let's kick that number up, because Iron is way better than Chrome. Almost two thirds of you runs Windows, 22% rides the waves on Android (maybe I should make a mobile version of this site?), and you probably found this blog by searching Google.

Is that you?

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