Tuesday, 17 April 2012

MultiLing Keyboard for your special characters and nose jobs

When it comes to Android keyboards it's hard to beat Swype, but sometimes an alternative keyboard is useful too.

For example, highlighting and inserting with pinpoint precision is a lot easier with cursor buttons, and the Swype keyboard doesn't have 'em. On many phones the enter key turns into a smilie button when you fire up the stock SMS app, so switching keyboards is the way to put line breaks in your text messages.

Edit: Swype has cursor buttons, but they can be hard to find. Swype from the Swype key to the SYM key to make 'em show up.

GO Keyboard did a pretty good job, but I trashed it when I found MultiLing Keyboard.

MultiLing Keyboard does not ask for internet access, which is a very good thing for an app that can see any password you tap into your phone.

It comes with cursor buttons, of course. Its unique selling point is that it makes it really easy to enter special characters like ¿¡~°£ etcetera. You can even tell it which special characters to pop up when you long-press the period and comma keys. And it lets you decide for yourself if smilies should be noseless or not, as in :) vs. :-).

MultiLing keyboard

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  1. What do you mean by "cursosr" I only see go to end.

    Swype lacks a fast way to change language like this one in the space key. Absurd if they prtend to be faster than others.

    Could you enable name/url comment setting here?


  2. I see cursors now from left key options.

  3. The cursor buttons are on the bottom row. You can switch 'em on in the settings.

    Does blogspot have a name/url setting? You can use the standard "a href=..." tag if you want to link to something.

  4. I mean to login to comment. On mobile it gets complicated if you have to identify "comment as" AIM Google, etc.
    In Blogger comments setings there is a choice to add name/url. You still have the captcha to avoid spam.

  5. Ah, I see.

    Unfortunately the captcha is not enough. With just a captcha I get hundreds of spam posts per day. With the login requirement I only have to delete a handful of Viagra links and canadian meds offers.

  6. But do you have the anti spam filter enabled?

  7. Spam filter is on, but there's plenty of junk that manages to sneak through.