Monday, 20 June 2011

ES File Explorer now has Dropbox and unpacks RAR files

ES File Explorer is a great file manager for Android. It has a built in ftp client, connects with Samba servers, does bluetooth ftp, lets you put shortcuts to files on your home screens, and much more.

And now it comes with Dropbox built in.

The official Dropbox app for Android sucks, and Awesome Drop is not much better. Both apps are good enough if you want to copy files to or from Dropbox, but they won't let you move entire folders.

ES File Explorer will let you do that. You can move files and folders to and from your Dropbox account, or delete them from the Dropbox server. It's like having ftp access to Dropbox!

Other new stuff in the latest update: extract rar archives, make and open zip files with passwords, and an app organiser. Now if it would only come with an ftp and http server and make its root explorer work with all ROMs...
Update: the root explorer works with all ROMs, but think twice before you enable it.

ES File Explorer (Android Market)
ES File Explorer (EStrongs)

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