Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Get your football fix on Android with SopCast

SopCast uses BitTorrent-like technology to distribute user-generated tv channels. You can broadcast anything you like, but the main use of SopCast is watching live football games and other sports events that would otherwise cost you money or would not be available in your part of the world at all. When I'm travelling abroad SopCast keeps me in touch with my football team back home.

The Android version is still in beta testing stage and it shows all over. Especially the custom URL entry method (you have to open two menus for it) could use some polishing. But even with all its teething problems SopCast for Android is a fully functional way to watch streaming tv on your phone or tablet. And the latest beta version works on Ice Cream Sandwich too. Another nice touch: SopCast for Android launches automatically if you tap a link to a SopCast stream in your web browser.

Keep in mind that watching SopCast streams eats a boatload of data, so don't do this on a capped connection that makes you pay by the megabyte.

Missed the live airing and want the highlights? GoalTV Droid has a clunky interface, but it has the highlights of all major football competitions. Most of 'em come from Dailymotion. IMO GoalTV Droid works better than the GoalTV app from Frezya Mobile, but YMMV.

Update: GoalTV Droid is dead. GoalTV from Frezya Mobile is still alive and kicking.

The beta test version of SopCast is not on the Google Play store (yet), but GoalTV Droid is.

SopCast (
SopCast on xda (for the latest beta versions)
GoalTV Droid (Google Play)
GoalTV HD for Tablets (Google Play)
GoalTV app from Frezya Mobile for your SopCast links and other ways to live games and highlights

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