Thursday, 19 April 2012

Lucky Patcher removes Google ads from Android apps

Android has a hosts file just like Windows and Linux, so you can clean up your apps and web browsing by blocking the banner farms that compete for screen estate with the real content you're after. Since just about every advertiser out there tries to follow all your moves on the internet you have another good reason to take countermeasures.

But what if you want to clean up your apps without editing your hosts file?

Enter Lucky Patcher. This smart app strips the code that downloads Google ads out of your apps, so your screen and your privacy are a little less abused by AdMob, AdSense, and the other Google banner farms that don't just show ads but try to track your location as well (which hammers your GPS, which sucks your battery dry).

Lucky Patcher can also remove the license verification of paid apps. You could download a paid app, backup and patch the APK, return it within the 15 minute window for a refund, and continue to use it with the license check yanked out. But this is pure piracy. You have to draw the line somewhere, so don't go any further than ad removal.

Lucky Patcher from chelpus

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