Friday, 1 March 2013

New Skyfire drops Flash video, old Skyfire keeps it

Flash is old, eats batteries for breakfast, and has almost as many bugs as Windows. But there are plenty of websites out there that don't work without it, so the old Flash is gonna be with us for some time to come.

Web browser Skyfire has watered-down Flash support. The only Flash it delivers is Flash video. You know, those video files in ".flv" format. Skyfire is useful for a few other video sites that other browsers won't touch.

But Skyfire made a very stupid decision. The new Skyfire drops Flash video support. Since the video capabilities are the only reason to use the app (it's not a very good web browser), Skyfire is useless since version 5.

But if you ever had version 4 running on your Android you get to keep video support. And because v5 is a totally new app, you can run the old and new Skyfire together if you want to.

If you never had version 4 installed, don't bother installing it now. The old Skyfire will only do Flash video for users who had the app before the switch to the Flashless version 5.

old Skyfire v4.0 (with Flash video, but not for new users)
new Skyfire (no Flash)

how to force Flash on your Android phone or tablet

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