Thursday, 7 March 2013

AFWall+ firewalls better, adds toggle widget

Need to keep some of your apps offline? AFWall+ is the best firewall for Android since DroidWall isn't updated anymore. It splits internet permissions into three types that you can allow or deny at will: WiFi, mobile data, and mobile data roaming. And unlike other firewalls, AFWall+ can notify you when it detects new apps so you don't forget to set firewall rules for them.

The latest AFWall+ update kills some bugs and fixes a data leak when you boot your phone (as long as you shut down properly before starting it again).

New features: VPN rules to allow blocked apps to go online when you're on a secure connection, option to can set AFWall+ as device administrator so malicious apps can't uninstall it, and a widget to toggle your firewall rules on and off.

You need a rooted phone to run AFWall+. Don't let that scare you away, because a rooted phone is more secure than an unrooted phone if you know what you're doing. And remember: if you have other apps with built-in firewall options (like LBE Privacy Guard or avast), make sure you have only one firewall active at the same time. If you run multiple firewalls together they'll fight over who gets to write the iptables.

AFWall+ (Google Play Store)
AFWall+ on xda

other stand-alone firewalls:

Android Firewall by jtschohl

security apps with built-in firewalls:

LBE Privacy Guard

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