Thursday, 28 February 2013

Skype adds video messages, keeps noise

Form over function

A long time ago Skype for Android had a good user interface with tabs. But then Skype decided to get new looks, and form replaced function. They added unwanted noise as well. More than a year ago Skype took away the possibility to silence the startup and shutdown sounds. You can't switch off the deafening dialpad tones either.

Have an Android tablet? Skype removed the portrait view three months ago, limiting you to portrait view. This is especially annoying on small 7" tablets.

Portrait back, noise remains

The protests of the tablet owners got so loud (even louder than the dialpad beeps!) that Skype decided to to bring back the old classic view. But only for tablets. If you Skype on your phone you're still stuck with the terrible tabless layout.

Too bad the unwanted noise is still there. Want to send a quiet Skype text message? Then put your phone in silent mode, because Skype still won't let you get rid of the start and exit sounds. The noisy dialpad can't be silenced either.

Video messages

Skype didn't just repair their layout for tablets, they added something new as well. Now you can send video messages with Skype. You get twenty messages for free. If you want to keep sending video messages you'll have to pay for them.

Old Skype

If you want Skype with tabs, get a copy of the (very old) version It doesn't have video messages, it doesn't have video calls either, and it lacks a bunch of security updates. But if you're willing to pay that price to get the tabs back you can Google for the old apk file. Bonus feature: the old Skype doesn't have the ads that were unleashed on american, british, and german skypers. If you only use Skype for instant messaging you're better of with multi-network chat app imo. You may want to use an older version of that app, because the makers of imo also decided that form is more important than function.

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