Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Vonage update shows VoIP rate

If Skype doesn't cut it, there are plenty of other VoIP choices for your Android phone.

One of them is Vonage. Just like Skype, Viber, imo, fring, and Nimbuzz, Vonage calls are free if the other end runs Vonage too. You can also call normal phone numbers in the USA, Canada, and Puerto Rico for free, but this is a limited time offer that probably won't last forever.

Like almost all other VoIP services, Vonage comes with an instant messenger service too.

Advantage of Vonage over Skype, fring, and Nimbuzz: Vonage sounds a lot better, on par with CSipSimple and Viber.

Advantage of Vonage over Viber: you can switch Vonage off without having to resort to elaborate root-requiring tricks.

Advantage of Vonage over many other VoIP services: the other end of the call sees your real phone number.

The latest Vonage update adds location and photo sharing. It shows the call rate (in US$ only, maybe other currencies will follow?) in your contact details, so you don't have to look up rates on their website. Vonage is a bit cheaper than Skype, but a lot more expensive than the VoIP services from betamax.

Vonage (Google Play Store)

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