Saturday, 5 January 2013

QuickDic adds new dictionaries, talks

QuickDic is one of the better free offline dictionary apps for Android. It has a minimalist interface, it doesn't have ads, it only asks for Android permissions it really needs, and it's fast.

It's dictionaries are pretty good too, as long as one of the languages in the pair is english. And since they're stored on your phone, you can look up words abroad without paying for international data roaming.

The latest update adds more language pairs. It's a good idea to update the dictionaries you already downloaded, because they've got more words now. New: single language dictionaries with thorough descriptions, etymology, and an experimental text-to-speech feature that didn't work on my phone. I could see the reference to the ogg sound files, but they didn't do anything. Well, you have to start somewhere. Hopefully the next update will sort the speech thing out.


More good Android dictionary apps:

Euro Dictionary and DictionaryForMIDs

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