Sunday, 6 January 2013

Alternative radio player Liquid Bear adds features and bugs

Since slammed the door shut for mobile listeners, KLastFM and CoboltFM stopped playing. Fortunately Liquid Bear plays radio by using a smart trick. It gets the playlists from and the music from The app has a simple and effective tab layout, and it pulls lyrics in if you long-tap a song in the play queue or hit the drop-shaped button in the playback tab.

You need a account to listen, but you can simply make an account with a fantasy name and never visit again.

Liquid Bear shows the remaining track time in addition to elapsed time since the December 31, 2012 update, and you don't need a account anymore. It helps to have a account, though. Without an account Liquid Bear plays music, but it won't use your personal music library or scrobble anything to

The January 6, 2013 update adds an equalizer and a button to choose which version of a song to play if has multiple copies. Unfortunately this makes Liquid Bear force-close on my phone.
Edit: sort of fixed in an update. Now it doesn't crash the app, but just restarts the song.

Liquid Bear still won't let you change the sort order of the play queue. Maybe in the next version?

The January 6 update made the app misbehave on my phone. Removing tracks ahead or after the currently playing song stops the current track, and now it crashes the app too. Closing the app with the exit button keeps the music playing until the app force-closes. The latter two bugs made me go back to version 1.1.1 of December 31, 2012. These bugs may bite you too, so make a backup copy before you update Liquid Bear. Or just have a bit of patience, because the developer of Liquid Bear responds fast.
Edit: fixed in an update. You can now remove tracks from the queue without stopping the music or crashing the app.

Liquid Bear

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  1. This is my hurry to release new important feautures.. my bad. I try to fix bugs tomorrow in minor update. Thanks for posts, always interesting for me, unfortunately :)

  2. Wow, that's a super fast response! Keep up the good work.

    Maybe you can keep older versions on your site, so people without backups who get bitten by an update can go back to a working version?

    1. My perfect strategy is to make new working versions :)
      It will be a good experience for me, I will test my updates better next time.

  3. >Edit: sort of fixed in an update. Now it doesn't crash the app, but just restarts the song.
    It restarts the song only if there is no another results in vk, try long click on this button to see possible variants.

  4. Ah, I see.

    But wouldn't a message along the lines of "can't find any alternative, it's this version or nothing" be more user-friendly than just stopping the song?