Sunday, 29 July 2012

Timers4Me lets you set your favourite start tab

Timers4Me is the most versatile free Android stopwatch and countdown timer out there. It also comes with a built-in alarm clock, but this part is far from ready for human consumption. Alarms Solo is better equipped for waking me up.

The timer and stopwatch part of Timers4Me are excellent, though. Multiple timers that you can run together, lap timing, it's all there.

When you launch the app it brings you straight to the countdown timer tab, but if you'd rather go somewhere else then now you can. The new edition of Timers4Me lets you choose your own startup tab. If you want the app to launch straight into the stopwatch tab, just head to the settings menu and make it happen.

Room for improvement: make the scrollwheels for time entry optional instead of forced, increase alarm duration because one minute is not enough (tip: use a long MP3 to make the alarm sound longer), alarm tone looping, more snooze options, and maybe integrate the functions of ClockSync and TM World Clock? A few updates could turn Timers4Me into the ultimate Android time app.

Timers4Me (Google Play)

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