Wednesday, 18 July 2012

BugMeNot for Android remembers stores user names and passwords of "public" accounts for forums and other websites. If a site demands that you log in but you don't want to make an account, BugMeNot often helps out.

The BugMeNot Android app makes using BugMeNot in Android web browsers a lot easier. Instead of having to copy/paste the offending URL into you can send it to the app with Androids built-in share menu.

Repeat visits don't require repeat sending of the URL to the BugMeNot app, because it now remembers the sites you asked passwords for. Of course you can remove remembered sites from the list, so don't let the new search history feature stop you from sneaking into (cough) wildlife picture sites.

You still have to copy/paste the user name and password back into the target site, though. Maybe this will be automated one day, but it looks like this requires a browser specific solution. A BugMeNot add-on for popular mobile browser Dolphin would be a good start.

BugMeNot on Google Play

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