Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Widgetsoid got better (and it was already very good)

If you want to display all sorts of phone info, toggle things on and off from a widget, and more, Widgetsoid is the most versatile widget app out there.

It is also rather complex. Widgetsoid has a steep learning curve and it's user interface is a mess.

But once you get over that, you can make widgets to toggle just about everything. WiFi, bluetooth, GPS, data by switching it off, and data by renaming your access points ApnDroid-style. And then there's brightness, sound, auto sync, flashlight, battery stats, network info, and a million more things that you can toggle, check, or make shortcuts to. And if that's not enough, you can customise your widgets with plenty options. Custom transparency, custom icons and labels and indicators, and much more. Don't want widgets on your home screen? Widgetsoid can put its stuff in your notification bar instead.

Widgetsoid has been updated a few times lately. The most important changes:
- One-click GPS toggle for Gingerbread and Ice Cream Sandwich (not all ROMs supported, though).
- You can make a CPU frequency toggle to overclock or underclock and quickly go back to normal.
- You can now display the WiFi network name as the WiFi icon label.
- The WiFi toggle icon can indicate the signal strength in the same way as your WiFi icon in the Android notification bar. Useful if you have a minimal homescreen with the notification bar out of sight.


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