Friday, 17 February 2012

Bug squashed in offline dictionary QuickDic

QuickDic is one of the better free offline dictionary apps for Android if you want to translate words into english, or from english into other languages.

QuickDic pulls its dictionaries from Wiktionary. Its dictionaries for Western European languages are very good (the dictionaries for other languages not so), and once you've downloaded your dictionaries into QuickDic you can look up words while abroad without dealing with international data roaming charges.

The app is lightning fast. Its uncompressed dictionaries take a lot of space, but that's what those giant microSD cards are for.

Its user interface is minimalist, but managing your dictionaries got a little easier in recent updates. The dictionary list could be designed better, but the new option to switch languages by long-pressing the language button is definitely an improvement. The bug that kept pulling you into the dictionary list is gone too.

What QuickDic needs now is better dictionaries for non-european languages, and language pairs with a base language other than english. But that's in the hands of the folks at Wiktionary.


Other free offline dictionary apps:

Euro Dictionary and DictionaryForMIDs
Offline dictionaries

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