Thursday, 29 December 2011

seNotes blew up its text but won't save your notes as text files

My favorite app to put yellow sticky notes all over my homescreens is seNotes. It comes in sizes as small as a 1x1 widget, it's free, it has no ads, and it never goes online.

It briefly lost its 1x1 widget in an update though, but fortunately not for long. It came back in another update the day after.

A pleasant surprise: you can restore lost notes by long-tapping an empty note, and then hitting "paste from note."

A not so pleasant surprise: the updates increased the font size. This means that notes display less information. I guess bigger text is nice if you're old and your eyes are not what they used to be, but I like to squeeze as much information as possible in the limited space of my homescreens. seNotes would be a lot better if we could simply choose our own preferred font size from the options.

seNotes could also learn something from Papyrus Ex. This notes app saves your notes as plain text files on your memory card, so you can easily back 'em up, sync 'em with Dropbox or any other cloud storage service, share 'em with other phones and computers and tablets, and import new notes simply by dropping a text file on your phone. If seNotes would store its notes as plain text you could even store 'em in a shared folder with Papyrus so all your notes would be available as yellow stickies on your homescreens and organised in a notebook app.

You can send your seNotes to Papyrus with the share menu option, but automatically sharing them through a shared folder would be a lot more convenient. Maybe in a future update? If Papyrus would add an option along the lines of "send to seNotes" we'd have a winning team!

Papyrus Ex

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  1. I used to love this app/widget, until the last update, which deleted it. Now I've lost my notes, along with the app. Only a shape of where it used to be still exists, that says "Problem Loading Widget" I'm not the only one who has experienced this problem based on some comments. I wonder if my notes are still hidden someplace on my phone... Rats!!!!!

  2. Did you already try to long-tap an empty note and hid "paste?" If you're lucky you can rescue your notes from the backups hidden under the paste option.