Sunday, 21 August 2011

Timers4Me adds a stopwatch to its countdown timer

If you're looking for a free countdown timer or a stopwatch app, there's plenty of choice on the Android Market.

If you're looking for a good free timer or stopwatch your choice is limited. Ultimate Stopwatch does both, but its timer is terrible and its stopwatch doesn't cut it if you want to record lap times.

Countdown timers that let you store multiple timers and run 'em together are few and far between. A good timer and stopwatch together in one app? Doesn't exist yet.

But we may get there. Timers4Me is a pretty good countdown timer app, and the latest update adds a stopwatch.

Timers4Me is far from perfect, though. Its timer and the timer preset screen are good, but setting the time is done with a scrollwheel. There's no way to just type a time. The timer alarm won't play longer than one minute, even if you set a ten minute song as alarm tone.

Its stopwatch does the job, but only to 1/10th of a second. I'd like a second digit behind the dot. And although you can run multiple timers, you can only run a single stopwatch.

The interface of Timers4Me could use a bit of polishing too, because white text on a light grey background is not a good idea. And if you send the stopwatch to the background and pull it to the foreground again, it may start running way too fast.

Timers4Me is the best out of all the timer/stopwatch combos on the market. Not because the app is that good, but because it doesn't have serious competition. If the remaining shortcomings of Timers4Me are fixed in future versions it could become a really good app.

Timers4Me (Android Market)
Ultimate Stopwatch (Android Market)

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