Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Nimbuzz Android update adds push notifications, delivery reports, and integrates with your phone contacts

VoIP and chat app Nimbuzz talks to SIP, GoogleTalk, MSN (Windows Live), Yahoo, AIM, ICQ, Facebook, MySpace, and Hyves. It also has its own VoIP and message service.
Edit: Nimbuzz updated its app, but it didn't get better. There are only four chat networks left now, all the others are gone from Nimbuzz.

The latest update adds push notifications and integrates with the Android contacts app.

The bad news:

When you update Nimbuzz to version 2.08 it forgets your accounts and settings, so you have to enter your Nimbuzz account details again. Nimbuzz 2.08 defaults to NimbuzzOut, so you'll need to set your own VoIP provider back as default if you want to use your own SIP service instead of the (usually way more) expensive NimbuzzOut.

Like in the previous versions, you can only add one account per chat or VoIP service. The loud beeps in the dialer are still there, and there's no off switch. Same for the annoying sound when you pull the slider to end a call.

The good news:

The new Nimbuzz adds push notifications. If Android receives a push notification targeted at Nimbuzz, it will tell you so. This way you can receive messages without leaving Nimbuzz running all the time, which saves battery and data. For push notifications your phone needs to run Froyo (Android 2.2) or newer.

Your Nimbuzz contacts can now integrate with your Android contact app, so you can start Nimbuzz calls and chats straight from your phone book without having to scroll through your app drawer to find the Nimbuzz icon.

Both options are not enabled by default, so you'll have to take a trip to the settings menu. Of course you can ignore the new options if you want to keep Nimbuzz out of your phone book and push notifications are too pushy for you.

Also new: when you message people on Nimbuzz, it will notify you when the message arrives.
Nimbuzz (Android Market)

Nimbuzz turned bad, look for alternatives

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