Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Android Market needs more tabs

The Android Market app has a few built-in tabs (like Top paid, Top free, Just in), but it won't let you make your own tabs.

Since the market app works like a web browser, it could have tabs like a web browser.

Why would you want to make tabs? Because it makes it a lot easier to compare apps! When you search for an app, you get many results for similar apps and you need an easy way to compare them. Same goes for the "related apps" section once you've clicked to an app. I'm sure everybody uses the related apps part to find free alternatives to paid apps.

Comparing apps in the current setup means navigating back and forth a lot. If you could open app pages in tabs you can compare them side by side without losing track.

Of course you could ditch the Market app and open in your (mobile) web browser to get tabs, but wouldn't it make things easier if Google would add tabs to the market app?

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1 comment:

  1. I would like that the Android Market includes a bookmark for apps, as this form you could tip an app and download it another day of if it was the second option and the first option hasn't liked to you.

    P.D: Market in Spain is bit worse, at least in my Defy with Eclair, there are no tabs :(