Saturday, 2 June 2012

SopCast launches your favourite channels a little faster

If you're in a place that doesn't show the match of your football team, SopCast comes to the rescue. It uses BitTorrent-like technology to deliver live sports and other streaming video to your phone. Great when you're traveling in countries that don't care about your favourite sport.

It works quite well on Windows. It works on Android too, but there's still a lot of work to do before SopCast for Android is ready to leave beta testing.

The latest update cuts down on bugs, and it makes launching your favourite channel a bit easier. The URL entry button moved up to the middle of the main menu, and you only need to enter the channel number to make it work.

Missed the match? GoalTV from Frezya Mobile fetches the highlights for you.

SopCast (
SopCast on xda (for the latest beta versions)
GoalTV app from Frezya Mobile for your SopCast links and other ways to live games and highlights

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