Thursday, 26 January 2012

AirCalc floats a calculator on top of other apps

If you need to calculate something and use the result in another app, you can switch back and forth between your calculator and other apps by long-pressing the home button.

But AirCalc gives you another option.

AirCalc is a calculator that floats on top of other apps. Your office suite, your web browser, your email app, whatever you like. The basic functions (+, -, *, /) are on its main screen, and a handfull of other options (sin, cos, tan, log, pi, etc.) are a swipe away.

It doesn't have too many mathematical functions, and if you switch from portrait to landscape view you may lose the bottom half of the calculator, but it does the job for quick'n'dirty calculations when you don't want to switch between screens.

AirCalc (Android Market)

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