Saturday, 5 November 2011

Even more evil: WiFiKill lets you kidnap your victims to your IP address

How to be an obnoxious little brat?

WiFiKill turns your phone into a rogue WiFi access point. It drops the packets of every computer, phone, tablet or other device that you choose to block, so if you want to keep your boss, kids, neighbours, or everyone else around you offline then WiFiKill is your weapon. You can kill all wireless networks that you can connect to, no matter if they're encrypted or not.

More evil

The latest update lets you be even more evil. You can still make your victims think the network is broken, but now you can also redirect unsuspecting surfers to any IP address you like. Virus servers, spam sites, fake login screens, or just an innocent "pwn3d! ur internets are belong to us" page, anything goes. If you want to be an annoying teenage douchebag nothing can stop you, no matter how old you are.

Well, something can stop you. WiFiKill doesn't spoof your MAC address (not yet, but who knows what the next update will bring?) so you may get caught, kicked from the network, lose your job, or get shot at dawn. If you have a brain, switch it on before you switch on WiFiKill. If you don't have a brain then go buy an iPhone.

Another new feature: WiFiKill checks for updates on launch. You can't switch it off, but if you're really paranoid (and you should be!) you can block the update URL in your Android hosts file. You can either edit your hosts file with a text editor, or just use the blacklist option of AdAway. Even easier: block WiFiKill with DroidWall. This disables the update check, but you can still use the app to kill the internet of those around you.

Bad advice

Redirecting traffic to your IP needs a bit of digging in the dirt. Fire up the settings screen, scroll down to the killing rules, switch "use iptables" on, choose the "drop + redirect" method, and then set the IP address to which you want to redirect your friends (soon to be your enemies).

WiFiKill loads a long list of hardware vendors so you can see who made the devices connected to the network. This is real slow, so disable the vendor list if you don't want to wait. You'll only see MAC addresses, not device types, so switch the vendor list back on if you want to kick all iPhones offline without touching the Androids. And keep in mind that WiFiKill also kills your battery because it turns your phone into a bad router. Your phone and your battery will get hammered by every device that connects to you.

You need a rooted phone to play evil games with WiFiKill. Needless to say, Google booted the app off its market real quick so you have to download the APK from somewhere else. The free version has ads, but it's easy to kill them.

• There are different versions of WiFiKill. To find out which version suits you check out this new story on the new (and old) WiFiKill.

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